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Hybrid GPS with interactive world maps10x optical zoom with mechanical image stabiliser
24 mm wide-angle lensEXILIM Engine HS
Single Frame SR ZoomPanorama function
Premium Auto modeMake-up Mode
Landscape ModeFace detection function
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Lighting functionAdvanced Auto Tracking AF Function

Photo Functions

Hybrid GPS with interactive world maps

Know exactly where you are — thanks to GPS and worldwide maps

GPS now conquers the camera world as well. Makes finding, sorting and organizing large numbers of pictures easy, convenient and clear. The Hybrid GPS system, which is unique worldwide, combines GPS positioning with a motion sensor, making the new EX-H20G the ideal travel companion. The EX-H20G offers photos and names of around 10,000 popular attractions and photo opportunities around the globe, making the camera a sort of mini travel guide.

The built-in motion sensor is a special feature: The motion sensor is even capable of determining your position where no GPS signal is available, e.g. in a tunnel or in a building. To calculate your current location from the last GPS position, the camera "counts" your steps and detects the direction of movement thanks to an integrated compass — even when the camera is switched off.

The route of your journey is therefore continually recorded (even when the camera is switched off) and stored in memory. Besides viewing your current position and the route covered, you can also display planned target destinations, photo locations and angles on a map. The EX-H20G offers photos and names of around 10,000 popular attractions and photo opportunities around the globe, making the camera a sort of mini travel guide.

Once you're back home, computer programs with location evaluation such as Picasa and Google Earth ensure that you can relive your journey step by step with your friends. The EX-H20G offers new opportunities for bringing travel memories back to life, adding geodata and organizing them perfectly.

10x optical zoom with mechanical image stabiliser

Powerful zoom function

It's easy to zoom in on those special moments: the 10x optical zoom can bring even the most distant subjects right up close, while the mechanical image stabiliser automatically reduces blurring. The EX-H20G has everything you need in any situation and guarantees outstanding photos.

24 mm wide-angle lens

So far, so good!

The combination of 24 mm wide-angle lens* and 10x optical zoom makes the EX-H20G the perfect companion for every occasion, providing great scope to capture your loved ones, the most beautiful sights or a romantic sunset. With the 24-mm focal length, you can capture a larger area and, for example, include more friends in a group photo at a shorter distance, or photograph a complete landscape or skyline.

*equivalent to 35 mm film


Fantastic photos — simpler than ever before

The heart of the EX-H20G is the new EXILIM Engine HS. The innovative image processor sets new standards in subject recognition and high-speed image processing, and has been developed to allow you to take better pictures — quickly, easily and reliably. The EXILIM Engine HS successfully overcomes every challenge, such as backlight, portrait, landscape and night shots and difficult lighting conditions, by analysing all environmental elements and immediately optimising your camera's settings. Whether you want brilliant colour reproduction, high-resolution image processing or fast response times, the EXILIM Engine HS produces detailed images without loss of contrast, focus or colour, within seconds.

Single Frame SR Zoom

Capture every detail

The EX-H20G's 10x optical zoom alone allows you to take highly detailed images, but with the Single Frame SR Zoom, the zoom range increases by 1.5. This means the 10x optical zoom is converted to a 15x digital zoom with optical zoom quality. So you won't miss out on a single detail!

Panorama function

Open up to new perspectives

Expand your field of vision and discover new perspectives. Whether it's a magnificent panorama of the Alps, a group photo of whatever kind, or an exciting urban scene — the panorama function on the EX-H20G gives you extremely wide panorama images with a huge field of vision of up to 360 degrees. Even when the camera pans, moving objects and faces are recognised and the images adapted such that distortions and blurring are kept to a minimum.

Premium Auto mode

Perfectly equipped for every situation

Portrait, landscape, night photography: you will be able to take the most amazing photos with the EXILIM Hi-Zoom EX-H20G, even in poor conditions. The highlight is the Premium Auto mode, in which the camera automatically recognises typical subject scenarios and adjusts the settings accordingly. The EXILIM Engine HS enables optimum results for every situation, as features such as BEST SHOT motif programs, night shot without tripod, make-up mode, landscape mode or intelligent AF are activated depending on the shooting conditions. This ensures that movements, shaking, backlight and even people's faces are automatically detected and perfectly focused and exposed. You don't need to worry which BEST SHOT mode is best for the situation; you can just focus your full attention on your subject and take some impressive photos.

Make-up Mode

Feel like a model

The EXILIM Hi-Zoom EX-H20G also features a Make-up Mode Function for especially appealing portrait photographs. The outstanding image processing makes the skin on faces appear smoother and softens facial shadows caused by strong sunlight or illumination. You can select from twelve levels as desired – from minimum to maximum – and observe the effect on the TFT colour display while taking the photo.

Find out more about the Make-up Mode Function

Landscape Mode

I like the sound of that!

The EX-H20G is equipped with a landscape mode for outstanding landscape photos. The "Vivid Landscape" feature analyses the images and intensifies the key colours. In addition, the "Mist Removal" option automatically reduces clouding, haziness or mist. The outcome is a clearer landscape or skyline with sharp contours and a bright sky.

Face detection function

Say cheese!

Whether you're on holiday, at a party or spending time with your family - people are particularly popular subjects for a photo. It's always a pity when faces turn out blurred on a picture. The Face Detection function now offers the perfect solution, recognizing the individual faces or even entire groups, and automatically applying the best possible setting.

BEST SHOT motif programmes

You don't need to be an expert to create great photos

From "Landscape" and "Portrait" right through to "Night scenes" or "Party" look – your EXILIM EX-H20G adapts flexibly to a whole host of requirements. To ensure that all your photos and movies are a success from the start, the flat digital camera comes with 27 presettings for a wide variety of situations. With BEST SHOT, you can also create and save your own settings, which can be selected at any time.

Overview of all BEST SHOT motif programmes


Why hide?

BEST SHOT motif settings are extremely practical and therefore can be accessed immediately at the touch of a button. From "Landscape" to "Sunset" your EX-H20G readily adjusts to the most varied demands, regardless of whether you are taking photos or movies.

Lighting function

Rich colours

The EX-H20G can recognize and correct difficult light situations: the light function optimizes the brightness of faces automatically even in scenes with backlight simply by pressing the release button. Even the sky or buildings in the background that are subject to overexposure are rendered in full colour.

Advanced Auto Tracking AF Function

Everything in view

Dogs running, kids jumping around, moving cars - there are countless examples of moving subjects, which can try the patience of even professional photographers. Thanks to the Auto Tracking AF function with motion analysis, you can relax and concentrate on the overall subject. Press the release button half way down, to fix the focus for saving – as soon as you see the picture you want, simply press release!