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HD videos in H.264 formatYouTube™ Capture Mode
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HD videos in H.264 format

After all

Everything is possible. You just need to want it enough. The EX-H20G enables you to transform great ideas into a digital reality — and in top quality, as movies* are recorded in innovative H.264 coding. Thanks to H.264, you can record high-definition movies that are up to 1.5 times longer than in the conventional MPEG4 format, while using the same amount of space on your memory card and obtaining the same image quality. The EX-H20G can also be connected to an HD-compatible TV using an HDMI cable (ordered separately) — allowing you to view the videos on a large screen whenever it suits you.

*Max. recording duration of 29 minutes/video

YouTube™ Capture Mode

Share your videos with your friends!

It has never been easier to upload your videos to YouTube™. Thanks to the EX-H20G, you can now film your experiences in the optimum video size and quality for YouTube™*! Films are automatically saved in a separate folder on the memory card — an exclusive piece of software then accesses this folder, making uploading your videos to YouTube™ child's play.

*Max. recording length 15 minutes/video
**To upload your videos, you need an Internet connection. This may entail additional costs.

Movie button


With this practical button you are always ready to film the best scenes When the camera is switched on a touch of a button is enough – and filming begins immediately.