EXILIM EX-ZS100 | For those special moments



12.5x optical zoom with mechanical image stabiliser24 mm wide-angle lens
Super Macro function Face detection function
BEST SHOT motif programmesLighting function
Advanced Auto Tracking AF Function

Photo Functions

12.5x optical zoom with mechanical image stabiliser

Powerful zoom function

It's easy to zoom in on those special moments: the 12,5x optical zoom can bring even the most distant subjects right up close, while the mechanical image stabiliser automatically reduces blurring. The EX-ZS100 has everything you need in any situation and guarantees outstanding photos.

24 mm wide-angle lens

So far, so good!

Whether for landscape photos, tourist sights or group pictures in confined spaces, the 24 mm wide-angle lens* makes the EX-ZS100 your perfect companion whatever the occasion. The 24 mm focal length allows you to capture a larger area and include more friends in a group photo from only a short distance away.

*equivalent to 35 mm film

Super Macro function

Get closer!

Some details are more exciting than the picture as a whole. The Super Macro function automatically adjusts the camera's sharpness settings when you want to photograph a subject up close. The Super Macro range, i.e. the close-up range for the EX-ZS100, covers all subjects that are located within 1 to 50 cm of the camera. So now no detail will ever be lost again!

Face detection function

The simple touch

Whether you're on holiday, at a party or spending time with your family - people are particularly popular subjects for a photo. It's always a pity when faces turn out blurred on a picture. The Face Detection function now offers the perfect solution, recognizing the individual faces or even entire groups, and automatically applying the best possible setting.

BEST SHOT motif programmes

You don't need to be an expert to create great photos

From "Landscape" and "Portrait" right through to "Night scenes" or "Retro" look – your EXILIM EX-ZS100 adapts flexibly to a whole host of requirements. To ensure that all your photos and movies are a success from the start, the flat digital camera comes with 22 presettings for a wide variety of situations. With BEST SHOT, you can also create and save your own settings, which can be selected at any time.

Overview of all BEST SHOT motif programmes

Lighting function

Rich colours

The EX-ZS100 can recognize and correct difficult light situations: the light function optimizes the brightness of faces automatically even in scenes with backlight simply by pressing the release button. Even the sky or buildings in the background that are subject to overexposure are rendered in full colour.

Advanced Auto Tracking AF Function

Everything in view

Dogs running, kids jumping around, moving cars - there are countless examples of moving subjects, which can try the patience of even professional photographers. Thanks to the Auto Tracking AF function with motion analysis, you can relax and concentrate on the overall subject. Press the release button half way down, to fix the focus for saving – as soon as you see the picture you want, simply press release!