3x optical Zoom
2,5'' digital TFT Color LCD
With one push of a button, your camera is ready for pictures - in only 1.6 second ... more
Changing between the normal focus and the macro range is really fast - with the Auto macro-focus ... more
Additional FAST Features
A piece of jewellery: for the noble, deep black metal case of the EXILIM Zoom EX-Z55 "Black Panther" ... more
Offers you a clear overview on the 2.5 inch TFT color display. An ideal size for picture composition and subsequent picture viewing ... more
Additional ELEGANT Features
Impressive from near to far: The quality lens of Pentax with 3-times optical zoom ... more
To double your picture fun, the EX-Z55 "Black Panther" is equipped with the Super Life Batteries ... more
Additional INNOVATIVE Features
Easy to focus despite distances: Multi AF selects over a length of seven points from the nearest lying point ... more
Questions about operation? The camera practically explains itself ... more
Additional COMFORTABLE Features
First create a short video, then send a photo with a message in sound by e-mail - no problem with the five recording modes ... more
Don't forget: The alarm wakes you up or reminds you with a personally recorded message and a picture of your choice ... more
Additional INDIVIDUALISTIC Features
Camera adviser
EX-H30 Special