At a full 2.7 inches, the TFT colour display is so big that it takes up almost the whole of the back of the camera ... more
Aluminium is light and robust - perfect for a camera that you have with you wherever you go ... more
Additional COMFORTABLE Features
With one push of a button, your camera is ready for pictures - in only 1.6 second ... more
Fast switching from normal focus to macro and back again ... more
Additional FAST Features
Striking: The CCD in the EXILIM Zoom EX-Z57 delivers an impressive 5 million pixels of full colour brilliance and sharpness ... more
You can adjust the EXILIM Zoom EX-Z57 flash to various situations ... more
Additional POWERFUL Features
Up close: The quality lens allows 3x optical zooming ... more
The EX-Z57 heeds your wishes even when it is in the Docking station ... more
Additional FLEXIBLE Features
Your own website: Your camera automatically creates an internet page with your personal photo album ... more
The alarm wakes you up or reminds you with a personally recorded message and a picture of your choice ... more
Additional INDIVIDUAL Features
Camera adviser
EX-H30 Special