High speed for the next generation

HDR Art Galerie Produktvideo HIGH SPEED Special

Thanks to the new EXILIM Engine HS, the high-speed EXILIM ZR10 offers uncompromising performance. HDR technology, 28-mm wide-angle lens with 7x optical zoom and full-HD video — these are just some of the innovative and ultra-fast functions of this camera, which produces better photos in all conditions. These photos can then be transformed into impressive works of art at the touch of a button, using the HDR ART function. Enjoy the moment — the ZR10 ensures lasting memories in outstanding quality.

Three features — one first-class experience

The EXILIM offers three features that, when combined, guarantee exceptionally brilliant, high-quality and unique photos.


Fast response time

Speed — an impressive speed for unique photos. One — two — ready: The EX-ZR10 is ready for action in around two seconds; the shutter delay is a mere 0.024 seconds. The camera can capture movement by taking multiple consecutive shots at intervals of just 0.37 seconds. What's more, it is fitted with an extremely fast auto-focus function that takes just 0.15 seconds to find the focal point and bring it into focus. You need never miss that special, exciting or unique moment again.


High performance

Quality — you can take exceptionally complex and brilliant photos without compromising on contrast, sharpness or colour. The lightening-fast image processor, the EXILIM Engine HS, creates unique photos in a matter of seconds thanks to functions such as HDR, Multi Frame SR Zoom and Premium Auto mode.

The HDR function combines several shots with different exposures to create a single, brilliant photo with a wide dynamic range. This means that both light and dark surfaces are emphasised equally, while dazzling or overly dark areas are toned down.

The Multi Frame SR Zoom works at lightning speed to combine image information from several shots into one outstanding photo. Using this innovative technology, the zoom area can be doubled.

Be it portrait, landscape or night-time photography, in Premium Auto mode the camera can automatically recognise typical subject scenarios and adjusts the settings accordingly. So there's no need to decide which BEST SHOT mode is most suitable for the situation; you can just focus your full attention on your subject.


A whole host of options with HDR ART

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Creativity — why not see the world through a different pair of eyes for a change? The HDR ART function uses HDR technology to create artistic photos by compiling image data from a sequence of images. It controls the contrast and colour saturation of the subject in focus and uses this information to produce unique effects that, until now, were only possible using special software. Make more of your subject!



Performance like never before

 Several CPUs
 Dual image processing
 Outstanding flexibility
Two completely independent CPUs integrated in the Engine HS significantly accelerate the ZR10's high-speed features and image processing. The Engine HS, at the heart of the ZR10, was developed with one aim in mind: to enable you to take better photos – quickly, easily and consistently. The EXILIM Engine HS can meet any challenge, including portrait, landscape and night-time shots, as well as difficult lighting conditions such as darkness or backlighting. It analyses all environmental elements, instantly configuring your camera to the optimum settings. The result is impressive shots in all conditions. In addition, the lightening-fast image processor offers new features such as the HDR ART function and the option to record videos and take photos at the same time. With these new features, Casio is once again revolutionising digital photography.