PRESS RELEASE February 13, 2004
CASIO Announces 6-Megapixel EXILIM Pro with 4X Optical Zoom
Stylish New Range-Topping EXILIM Model
February 13, 2004, TOKYO, JAPAN - CASIO COMPUTER CO. LTD. today announced the EXILIM Pro EX-P600, a stunning new addition to the growing family of EXILIM® series of digital cameras. With the ease of operation typically expected from compact cameras, this EX-P600 can take users to new heights of photographic expression with its multitude of functions, the high-performance 6-megapixel CCD and the 4X optical zoom.
The EXILIM brand of compact cameras has become synonymous throughout the world for amazing features and styling. Most notable of these features is the thin, card-sized body of every model, offering go-anywhere style, together with rapid shutter response that captures every special moment. The introduction of the 3X optical zoom and large LCD of CASIO's EXILIM Zoom brought a new wave of fun to images, added even more momentum to EXILIM's popularity, and proved CASIO's engineering and development capabilities.
The new EXILIM Pro EX-P600 offers not only the style and features of a compact camera, it represents a new series of digital cameras exhibiting mobility with speedy response, while offering functions usually found only on fully-fledged high-end models. The EX-P600 brings a whole new meaning to the excitement of photography, with a flexibility that hasn't been possible with today's fully automatic cameras.
• High-resolution 6-megapixel imaging
A 6-megapixel CCD housed in a compact and refined stainless steel body, with high-resolution and low noise allowing for a rich variety of expression. The EX-P600 uses a high-performance Canon 4X optical zoom lens.

• High-speed response
In addition to a start-up time of approximately 2-seconds and approximately 0.01 second release time lag, the EX-P600 has a high-speed continuous shutter function to take 3 photos / second up to 6 photos in succession, moving the camera up a level in terms of speedy response.

• Variety of imaging made possible with full-scale specifications
• Auto Bracketing
With one press of the shutter, variations of exposure, white balance and focus position can be set. The multi-bracketing feature allows for a variety of images with different color effects, etc. to be taken.
• Quick response manual shooting
With a large 2.0" high-definition TFT LCD, all the necessary information about shooting and effects is displayed clearly. Manual settings can be changed on-screen easily, enabling quick shooting.

CASIO plans to increase the stylish and high-performance EXILIM lineup of digital cameras, continually providing users with a new shooting style and wider range of uses.
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