PRESS RELEASE August 09, 2004
Innovation from the house of CASIO:
The SUPER LIFE-Battery for extra-long photo fun

Norderstedt, August 2004 - Small and powerful - the development of the market is leaning towards an increasingly more compact style of digital cameras. Anyone with a digital camera wants to have it ready quickly to record every dream motif. So it's a shame if the digital camera is too bulky to carry it around all the time. Or the photographer is just about to shoot a wonderful motif, only to find that the battery is empty. CASIO saw all these wishes as a challenge and brought the new EXILIM Engine on to the market as the further development of the Stack MCM technology. This innovative engine enables an approximately 30% smaller module style, as well as a reduction in energy consumption of around 40%. Instead of the previous two levels, CPU, ASIC, SDRAM as well as the Flash memory are now on three respectively four levels. This technical refinement allowed CASIO to integrate a storage battery into its cameras with almost twice as much capacity. Up to around 260 photos1 can be taken with the EX-P600 after only one charging of the SUPER LIFE-Battery; with the EXILIM Zoom EX-Z30 and EX-Z40, even around 360 pictures2 are possible. With the EXILIM Zoom models, the perfect interaction of the innovative module and the SUPER LIFE-Battery provides up to 157 percent more shots compared to the predecessor model EX-Z4. The Triple Stack MCM technology allows CASIO once again to prove its technical abilities and know-how in the field of digital cameras and offers innovations for all photographers.

1 Acc. to CIPA standards
2 Acc. to CIPA standards
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