CASIO presents the world’s thinnest (11 mm), smallest, and lightest digital camera*:
EXILIM: world leader in digital photography to go on sale in June for €379

Norderstedt, May 2002
One of the technological highlights at this year’s CeBIT, the sensational credit-card-sized EXILIM lifestyle camera by CASIO, will go on sale in Germany in June. The EXILIM EX-S1 will retail for €379. Its sister model, the EXILIM EX-M, equipped with an integrated MP3-player, a movie player (with sound), and sound recording function, will cost €429. A world first in digital photography with a unique design and fun factor, the EXILIM was presented to the international press at this year’s CeBIT trade fair in Hanover, Germany. CASIO representatives indicated that the retail price would be “significantly less than €500.”

The EXILIM EX-S1 is a design gem and only 11.3 mm thick or—should we say—thin, 88 mm long, 55 mm wide and weighs in at a lightweight 86g**. The unique design of this elegant camera combines a cool luxurious appearance with a wide range of possible applications. The EXILIM is designed to be a constant companion at work, during sporting events, on evenings out, trips away or anywhere you take it. Unique moments, unusual snapshots, memorable situations—nothing will be lost, as the EXILIM is always at hand. The camera won’t be visible in a shirt pocket nor does it require any bulky camera bag. In the course of creating the EXILIM, CASIO developed and applied a range of completely new technologies and filed a total of 30 international patent applications.

Its sister model, the EXILIM EX-M1, is equipped with an integrated MP3-player, a movie player (with sound) and recording function. Only 1.1 mm thicker, this model has a total depth of 12.4 mm, and all other dimensions remain the same. The name EXILIM is based on the Latin “eximius,” meaning “extraordinary” or “special,” and the English word “slim.” Together the name means “extraordinarily slim.”

* Digital Camera with built-in LCD monitor, as of March 14, 2002
** Weight excluding batters and memory card

The elegant, shimmering silver finish of the all-metal camera emphasizes its high quality. The small, flat, miniature design offers a range of convenient operating functions. The EXILIM EX-M1, with MP3 function, permits short movie recording with sound, as well as stills, pictures using the self-timer feature and stills with sound.

This silver “credit card” has an outstanding dual image control system. The optical viewfinder is supplemented by an innovative 1.6" digital display, delivering clear, bright, high-contrast pictures.

"CASIO pioneered the personal digital camera market with the introduction of the QV-10 back in 1995," said Kazuo Kashio, president of CASIO Computer Co., Ltd. "The EXILIM marks the beginning of a totally new direction that breaks from the more-pixels-more-functions approach pursued until now by creating a new genre of digital cameras so thin and compact that they can be taken just about anywhere. Once again, CASIO is aiming at creating product-driven innovative new applications and markets."

The EXILIM 1/2.7" CCD achieves a resolution of 1.34 million pixels in total, corresponding to an image format of 1280 x 960 pixels. Sophisticated software also permits images of 1600 x 1200 pixels. The lens has a speed of F=2.5 and a fixed focal length of f=5.6 mm, which corresponds to a focal length of 37 mm for 35 mm cameras. The built-in flash is activated in unfavorable lighting conditions.

The EXILIM saves images in its internal 12 MB memory. SD/MMC cards can also be used as a storage medium. The USB docking station has dual functionality as an interface for transferring image data to PC, as well as a charger for the battery. The power supply itself is a high-efficiency rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.

The EXILIM is supplied with a Lithium-Ion battery, strap, USB docking station with cable, and extensive software on CD-ROM. The MP3 version, the EX-M1, is also supplied with stereo headphones and remote control.

The new technology behind the EXILIM
One-Unit-Module of Lens and CCDThe CASIO-developed technology of integrating aspherical lenses and a high-sensitivity CCD into a single component contributes tremendously to the thinness of the EXILIM.

High-sensitivity CCD A new 1/2.7-inch progressive CCD, which is larger than the current mainstream 1/3.2-inch CCD, gives the EXILIM the largest cell size (4.1 micron pitch) in its class, resulting in an extremely high sensitivity CCD. This CCD reduces blurring due to hand and subject movement, and makes it possible to take pictures without flash in low lighting.

Multi Chip Module (MCM) Newly developed CPU, ASIC, SDRAM, and Flash memory by CASIO make it possible to significantly reduce power consumption. In addition, by incorporating these 4 chips into a multi-chip module, the space of the circuit board is reduced by 70%.***

Digital Interface TFT LCD The world's first digital interface TFT LCD for a digital camera was specially designed and produced by CASIO for the EXILIM. The digital interface eliminates the need for a converter, which cuts required space by 10%**** and greatly reduces the number of required components.

***Compared with currently available CASIO digital cameras.
****Compared with the TFT LCD technology used in CASIO’s currently available digital cameras.
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