PRESS RELEASE June 06, 2007
"EXILIM Tours": CASIO Online is turning dreams of unique holidays into reality
Send real postcards from the Internet and win great prizes with the new EXILIM EX-V7 and EX-Z1200
Norderstedt, June 2007 - To introduce its new EXILIM EX-V7 and EX-Z1200 digital cameras, CASIO Europe is opening the most inventive travel agency in the online world. Starting immediately, CASIO is offering the opportunity to take part in a unique holiday at users can insert their own photos into the holiday scenes and have them sent to friends for free in the form of a classic postcard. Valuable prizes are also being offered, such as HTC Smartphones with the Windows Mobile operating system from CASIO's partner Microsoft, NAVIGON navigation devices and gift certificates from Sixt rent a car.

Be the lion trainer sticking his head into the mouth of the beast, the bodybuilder wowing the ladies at the beach… or perhaps go fishing in a rowboat over Niagara Falls instead? And then send a postcard to friends and acquaintances as proof of the adventure? No problem: CASIO is making it possible in the Internet. In addition to offering the most unusual travel destinations and holiday activities, "EXILIM Tours", the most exciting travel agency in the virtual world, will actually give users the opportunity to send friends photographic proof of their digital holiday, for free - in the form of a classic postcard! The personalized images can also be sent out in e-card format or used as desktop "wallpaper".

The site also presents the new EXILIM digital cameras EX-V7 and EX-Z1200 - with these models photography fans are ideally prepared for extraordinary situations that occur in the real world and can produce their own photographic evidence. Thanks to the 4x image stabilisation system, pictures come out crisp and sharp even under the most challenging conditions, while the Super Life battery guarantees particularly long photographing pleasure. With the EX-V7 and its innovative 7x internal optical zoom, even objects at a distance are suddenly up close - and all of this in a very compact package. The EX-Z1200, with a fantastic 12.1 megapixels, speaks for itself. At that resolution, you have everything in view, no matter how much is going on. And later you can select the section with the detail you want and enlarge it, or simply print the entire picture in poster-size.

Head out on a holiday tour between now and 18 July - and surprise your friends and acquaintances with unbelievable postcards from!

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