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High-Speed Anti Shake

If you press the release button while BEST SHOT High-Speed Anti Shake mode is activated, the EXILIM camera takes multiple photos in high-speed serial picture recording mode and combines the images to ensure that the optimal result is achieved. This function ensures that telephoto shots, which have a particular tendency to be out of focus, are clear and in focus.


Press [BS] and then select "High-Speed Anti Shake".
When you are ready to take the photo, press the release button.
  • Once you have pressed the release button, the following message appears "In progress.... Please wait..." on the colour display to indicate that the photo is being taken. Hold the camera in a steady position for as long as this message is displayed. A specific amount of time will elapse between the message being displayed and the capturing process being completed.
•  A single version of the image is saved when using BEST SHOT mode.
•  To close the BEST SHOT image and open series shot mode, select (series shot).
•  In comparison to a normal photo, the area of the image is reduced when using BEST SHOT mode.
•  High-Speed Anti Shake is not fully functional when the camera is positioned on a tripod.
•  High-Speed Anti Shake may not be fully functional and may take photos that are out of focus if the camera balance exceeds the acceptable field or if the subject moves while the photo is being taken.

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