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BEST SHOT art shot

Thanks to the three new BEST SHOT modes, you can transform any subject into a real work of art. Simply select from the oil painting, crayon and watercolour effects and your photos will be transformed into mini masterpieces — without the artistic skill and expensive paints that you would normally need!

Oil paintings
With the BEST SHOT "Oil painting" mode, you can transform any subject, such as a landscape or portrait photo, into a fascinating oil painting.

Before taking your photo, select the BEST SHOT "Crayon" mode to transform your subject into an artwork of blazing colours and chunky structures.

With the BEST SHOT "Watercolour" mode, subjects such as landscapes, plants and portraits will be ablaze with light colours and a gentle transparency at just the touch of a button.

The new BEST SHOT modes are available for the following models: EX-H15, EX-H5, EX-Z2000, EX-Z550
In picture mode, press [BS].
A menu with the BEST SHOT effects will be displayed.
  • The default factory setting is (automatic).
Place the frame around your chosen artwork using , , and and press [Set].
  • The chosen effect setting will remain in use until you choose a different effect.
  • To reset the camera to the normal snapshot capture mode, please select effect 1 (automatic). If you press [MENU] while the effect selection or effect information screen is displayed, the frame will jump straight to (automatic).
Press the shutter release button to take the picture.
•  Photos taken using the following BEST SHOT effects are saved in 3 M-format (2048x1536 pixels): "Oil painting", "Crayon", "Watercolour".
•  High sensitivity
  • When the camera flash is in use, the high sensitivity setting is deactivated.
  • In very dark ambient lighting, a high sensitivity may not produce the required results.
  • When taking photos at slow shutter speeds, use a tripod to prevent blurring caused by camera movement.
  • In specific lighting conditions, the camera automatically filters noise to eliminate digital noise caused by the flash. This means it takes longer than normal to save the image and for the camera to be ready to take the next shot.
•  After selecting a BEST SHOT effect, you can adjust the automatic camera settings. However, please ensure that the BEST SHOT settings are returned to the relevant defaults if you select a different BEST SHOT effect, or if you switch off the camera.

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