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Art Effect

Art in an instant: with the Art Effect function, Art Shot effects can now also be used on existing photos. Art Effect allows you to return to a photo you have previously saved, e.g. a landscape or a portrait, and transform it into a spellbinding oil painting, water colour or wax crayon drawing. Once you have taken the photo, all you have to do is chose the style that takes your fancy - and hey presto, a copy* of the selected photo is saved in your camera as a mini piece of art.
*3 megapixels

The Art Effect function is available with the following models: EX-Z800, EX-Z2300, EX-S200
Here's how you can create artistic effects (art effects):

(Play) snapshot screen [Set] MENU PLAY tab art effect

You can turn an image into an artistic masterpiece. The converted image will be saved as size 3M (2048x1536 pixels). You can apply any one of the following art effects to the image: oil painting, wax crayon drawing or water colour.
Please note
  • If the original image is smaller than 3M (2048x1536 Pixel), the new (converted) version will be the same size as the original image.
  • The original image will not be deleted; it will remain stored in the memory.
  • If a converted image appears in the camera's colour display, the date and time displayed refer to the time that the original photo was taken, rather than the time it was converted.
  • Only photos taken with this camera can be converted to format 4:3 using the Art Effect function.
  • You can also use BEST SHOT scenes in order to apply an art effect when taking a photo.

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