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High-Speed Best Selection

We've all been there, haven't we? We keep clicking away industriously, because we want to capture those special moments. But then, in spite of our best efforts, we are often left with photos showing closed eyes, grim faces and blurring. Thankfully those days are over! Now you can make those perfect moments last for ever - with High-Speed Best Selection. This function compares pictures taken in a high-speed series, looking for features such as a smiling subject with open eyes and no blurring, and then automatically selects the best from the selection of up to 30 photos taken per second.

Feature available with the following models: EX-FC100, EX-FS10


Press [BS] and then select the "High Speed Best Selection" scene.
Press the release button.
  • The message "Busy... Please wait..." appears. Hold the camera in a steady position for as long as this message is displayed. A specific amount of time will elapse between the message being displayed and the capturing process being completed.
•  A single version of the image is saved when using BEST SHOT mode.
•  To close the BEST SHOT image and open series shot mode, select (series shot).
•  If one or more faces are blurry in all of the pictures taken, then these will also be blurry in the final photo.
•  If the factors listed below apply, the camera may not recognise whether or not the person photographed is smiling or blinking. This may lead to final photos in which the subject is blinking or is not smiling:
  • Face is completely or partially obscured by shadows etc.
  • Eyes are hidden or hair is near to eyes
  • Subject is wearing glasses
  • Faces are small
  • Faces are not turned directly towards the camera
•  Where the photograph is of a large number of people, the camera will take longer to process the image.

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