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Create your own BEST SHOT scenes

The BEST SHOT motif programs on your EXILIM camera give you quick access to pre-set combinations of white balance, aperture, contrast and further settings for many different situations.
And that is not all: in addition, you can save up to 999 individual camera settings as your own BEST SHOT motif programs. With this mode, you have the option of accessing the same optimal settings, for example when similar, recurring photo opportunities occur — all this in a matter of seconds and with just a few steps.

  • Your own BEST SHOT user scenes can be saved on every EXILIM model.
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Creating your own BEST SHOT setups:

Select the "BEST SHOT" scene (Register User Scene) from the BEST SHOT scene menu and then press [SET].
Select the snapshot with the settings you wish to save using and .
Select "Save" using and and then press [SET].
  • Your BEST SHOT scene will be assigned the name "Recall User Scene" along with a scene number.

Please note
  • BEST SHOT setups can only be created for snapshots. It is not possible to create a BEST SHOT setups for movies
  • You can check the settings of the BEST SHOT scene currently selected by accessing the camera's settings menus and going through the settings
  • Snapshot user scenes are assigned numbers in the following sequence: U1, U2 etc.
  • The following are the settings that are saved for each BEST SHOT snapshot user scene:
    face detection, focus, EV shift, white balance, flash, ISO, measurement, lighting, flash intensity, colour filter, sharpness, saturation, contrast
  • BEST SHOT user scenes are saved in the SCENE folder (snapshots) in the internal memory
  • Formatting the camera's integrated memory deletes all BEST SHOT user scenes.

To delete a BEST SHOT user scene, please proceed as follows:

Display the information screen for the BEST SHOT user scene you want to delete
Select using and then press [SET].
  • The settings for snapshots taken using one of the following functions cannot be saved with BEST SHOT user setup:
    Premium Auto, HDR, HDR Art, Slide Panorama, High-Speed Best Selection

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