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Let me entertain you!
Impress your friends with a performance fit for the cinema: present your saved pictures as a slide show on the display of your camera or a TV - and you can even add background music and effective animations between images.


Press [MENU] in play mode.
Select "Slide show" in the "Play" register and press [SET].
Use and to select the slide show settings.
Select the desired image, time, interval and effect settings and press [SET].
Use to select "Start" and confirm your entry with [SET]. And this will start your own personal slide show. The slide show also runs with the lens cover closed.
Press [SET] again to stop the slide show You will then return to the play mode.
  • If you press [MENU] instead of [SET], the slide show stops and the MENU appears.
  • If you press the release button with the lens cover open instead of [SET] , the slide show stops and switches to record mode.
•   Ensure that all buttons are deactivated during the picture change in the slide show. Wait until a new picture is shown in the display before pressing a button. If a button does not work, please wait a while and try again.
•   If you press or during a slide show, the picture in the display changes to show the next or previous image.
•   During audio operation, you can activate the volume control by pressing and set it using and .
•   Pictures which have been copied from a computer or which have been taken using a different type of digital camera may take longer to be shown than the time setting specified by you for the interval.
•   If the "One picture" setting has been selected for "Pictures" and a film sequence is reached during a slide show, the film is played until the time specified under "Time" has passed.

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