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Easy Mode

Designed to take outstanding photos: Easy mode helps you take spectacular photos in every situation, without having to worry about using exactly the right settings. From the easy mode menu, you can configure the image size, flash and self-timer — all the other settings are fixed at pre-set optimum values, thereby ensuring that you take first-class pictures every time you press the release button.

Easy mode is available for the following models: EX-Z350, EX-Z280, EX-Z90, EX-Z330
Press [SET] in picture mode.
Select the third option from the bottom in the control panel (easy mode) using and .
Select using and "" and then [SET].
This enables easy mode.
Bring the image into focus.
When the image is fully in focus, press down the release button. The image is captured.
Use easy mode
The easy mode menu offers access to the flash, self-timer and image size settings, as well as an option for exiting easy mode.
When the camera is switched to easy mode, all other settings (excluding the flash, self-timer, image size and easy mode itself) in the REC and Quality tab menus are fixed at pre-set optimum values. Any settings that you have previously made in these tabs will not be applied when you select easy mode.
•  To use the menu in the Settings tab, you will need to exit easy mode. To exit easy mode, select the option "easy mode" in step 2 of the following instructions and then select „“ in step 3. You will then be able to use the Settings tab as normal.

1. Press [MENU].
The text in the easy mode menu is in a larger font than the text in the standard menus.

2. Select the menu item required using and and then press [SET].

3. Select the required settings using and and then press [SET].

Menu item: Settings available:
Flash (Auto Flash)* / (Flash On) / (Flash Off)
Self-timer (10-second self-timer)
Image size * / /
Easy mode / *
Exit menu Exit the easy menu.
An asterix (*) indicates the reset default settings.

To do this: Select these settings:
Stay in easy mode, without switching to another recording type.
Switch from easy mode to a standard recording type.

•  On-screen pop-up help text provides a brief explanation of each setting.


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