Tips & Tricks


With the focus lock, you can focus on an object that is outside the focus frame. This function is available in the autofocus mode and in the macro mode .
The selection

Select the display detail on the monitor screen in such a way that the main object comes within the focus frame. Now press the release button half way.

You can see whether the picture is focussed in the focus frame and by the green operation light. The same displays are used as in the autofocus mode.
The lock

The release button pressed half way, you can change your choice display detail. Thereby the focus is locked on to the object that you had brought inside the focus frame in step 1.
The exposure

When you have selected the desired display detail, press the release button completely down to take the picture. The focussing and exposure are identical to the same operations in the autofocus mode.
•   By the focus lock, the light exposure is also locked.

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