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Why not see the world through different eyes for a change? HDR Art creates truly artistic shots that completely stand out from the crowd. To create small works of art, the HDR Art technology simply combines shots with different lighting, performs a precise image analysis and adjusts the contrast and colour saturation at the appropriate points. With the EX-ZR100 you can choose from three different processing levels and effects. This makes for unique effects that would otherwise only be possible with special software - and all by simply pressing the shutter release button.

HDR Art is available for the following models: EX-ZR10, EX-ZR100

And this is how you use HDR Art (Instructions for the EX-ZR10)

In picture mode press (Serial shot).
Press "HDR Art" and then [Set].
Press the shutter release button to take a photo using the HDR Art function.
  • Once you have pressed the shutter release button, the message "In progress... Please wait..." appears on the colour display to indicate that the photo is being taken. Hold the camera in a steady position for as long as this message is displayed. A certain amount of time will elapse between the message being displayed and the capturing process being completed. Image shooting is deactivated while the message is displayed.

Please note
  • HDR Art works best when the camera is mounted on a tripod.
  • When using BEST SHOT mode, the flash setting automatically changes to (Flash Off).
  • In comparison to a normal photo, the area of the image is reduced when using BEST SHOT mode.
  • If the camera or shooting subject moves while the photo is being taken, it may not be possible to achieve the desired HDR Art effect.
  • Depending on the exposure conditions and the image composition, it may not be possible for the BEST SHOT mode to deliver the desired result.

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