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Make high-speed videos using "30-210 fps"

You can use your high-speed EXILIM digital camera to make high-speed videos of movements too quick for the human eye. To do this, you can choose between recording speeds of 210 fps, 420 fps, 1000 fps and 30-210 fps.

Our tip: Using the "30-210 fps" high-speed mode, you can switch from a normal recording speed of 30 fps to high-speed mode (210 fps) and back again while you are recording. Switching between the different recording speeds creates a film with enthralling slow motion moments.


In picture mode, put the video mode switch in the (HS) position.
Press [MENU].
Select "Quality" using and .
Select "HS recording image rate" using and , and then press .
Select the desired recording image rate (recording speed) using and and then press [SET].
A high recording image rate (e.g. 1000 fps) produces a smaller picture size.
Make the film in the same way as a normal film.
Press to start and stop the recording.
  • For high-speed videos using "30-210 fps", the recording image rate at the beginning of the recording is always set to 30 fps. Switching between 30 fps and 210 fps is only possible while recording. To change the recording image rate, use and or press [SET].
•  The higher the recording image rate (speed), the more light is needed when recording. Choose a well-lit location when recording high-speed videos.
•  When recording certain types of videos, the image that appears on the display can be smaller than the normal image. When recording a high-speed video, black bars appear at the top, bottom, left and right borders of the image.
•  When recording a high-speed video, a flickering light source can cause horizontal stripes to appear on the image. This is not an indication of the camera malfunctioning.
•  When recording a high-speed video, autofocus and exposure are locked to the settings that were set at the start of the recording. The zoom and frame switches are deactivated.
•  Before you start recording a high-speed video you will need to focus the image; to do this please press the shutter release button halfway down for autofocus, or set the focus manually.

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