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BEST SHOT high-speed lighting

The high-speed lighting function combines multiple images for optimal exposure, even for subjects with highly varying luminance. How does it work? Simple: the high-speed lighting function takes a series of shots with different exposure settings, and then combines these into a final image so that the over- or underexposure of subjects with varying luminance is corrected. The result is outstanding photos with optimal exposure.

Feature available with the following models: EX-FH100


In picture mode, press [BS].
Select "High-speed lighting" and then press [SET].
Press the shutter release button to take the picture.
  • Once you have pressed the release button, the message "In progress... Please wait..." appears on the colour display to indicate that the photo is being taken. Hold the camera steady while this message is displayed. A specific amount of time will elapse between the message being displayed and the capturing process being completed.
•  When using BEST SHOT mode, the flash setting automatically changes to (off).
•  In comparison to normal photos, the area of the image is reduced when using BEST SHOT mode.
•  The combined image produced when using BEST SHOT mode will be flawed if the subject moves while shots are being taken.
•  The current lighting setting is ignored when using BEST SHOT mode.
•  When shooting in BEST SHOT mode, the EV shift (exposure correction) setting cannot be changed.
•  Depending on the exposure conditions and on image composition, it may not be possible to achieve the desired result using BEST SHOT.

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