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Landscape Mode

Landscape Mode ensures outstanding landscape photos: "Vivid Landscape" intensifies the colours of your landscape pictures using its automatic image analysis. In addition, the "Mist Removal" option automatically reduces clouding, haziness or mist. The outcome is a clearer landscape or skyline with sharp contours and a bright sky. What's even handier is that certain camera models features a separate "Landscape Mode" button to activate or de-activate the function quickly.

Feature available on the following models: EX-Z450, EX-Z90, EX-H10


In REC mode, press .
  • This will display in the control panel, indicating the Landscape Mode.
Press [SET] and then use and to select the seventh option from the top in the control panel (Landscape Mode).
Use and to select the Landscape Mode setting you require.

Vivid Landscape Enhances colours to produce a clearer, more vivid landscape image.
Mist Removal Corrects misty and cloudy conditions so that your scenery images appear as if they were shot on a clear day.
  • Available setting are "+1" (weak) and "+2" (strong).
When everything is set the way you want, press [SET].
This will apply the effect you selected.
Point the camera at the scenery you want to record.
Press the shutter release button to take the picture.
•  The and buttons cannot be used together. If you press these buttons one after the other, the effects of the last button you press will be applied.
•  The following functions are disabled when the camera is in Landscape Mode: Continuous Shutter, Triple Self-Timer, Make-Up Mode, Face Detection, Lighting, Colour Filter, Sharpness, Saturation, Contrast, certain BEST SHOT scenes.

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