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Make-up Mode

The new EXILIM cameras are equipped with the useful Make-up Mode function for beautiful portrait photos. The outstanding image processing makes the skin on faces appear smoother and softens facial shadows caused by strong sunlight or illumination. You can select from twelve levels as desired - from minimum to maximum - and observe the effect on the TFT colour display while taking the photo.

The problem:
Due to strong exposure to light, the facial skin often appears flawed and shadowy in portraits.
The solution:
The Make-up Mode function makes faces appear smoother and reduces the presence of shadows on the skin caused by strong sunlight or exposure to other light.


Press the release button half way down in picture mode.
  • The Make-up Mode will be activated and indicated on the colour display by +/-.
Use and to select the item "Make-up Level" (seventh icon from the top in the control panel) and press [SET].
  • You can select from 13 levels from "0 (off)" (no correction) to "+12 (Max.)" (maximum correction). The higher the value, the more the image will be altered.
Point the camera at your subject.
  • The camera recognizes the faces in the picture and shows a frame around them.
Press the release button down half way again.
  • The camera applies the sharpness setting to the faces and the colour of the frames change to green.
When you are ready to take the picture, press the release button down completely.
•  The following functions cannot be used in conjunction with the Make-up Mode: Serial Shot, Triple self-timer.

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