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EXILIM cameras come equipped with a wide range of useful functions which make taking photos and recording movies a real pleasure. Recording movies couldn't be easier: with the Movie Button you can react spontaneously and always film the best scenes - a touch of a button is all it takes to start recording. You can also take photos while recording movies.


Press the Movie Button in record mode.
Recording begins and [rec] is shown on the colour display. The monophone sound recordings are also included in the movie.
Press the Movie Button to stop recording.
Each movie can be up to 10 minutes long. The camera stops recording automatically after 10 minutes. The camera also stops recording automatically if the memory is full before you stop recording with .
•  Movies with BEST SHOT
Via BEST SHOT you can select a sample scene which corresponds to the desired type of movie you wish to record. The camera adopts the appropriate settings, ensuring that you always achieve outstanding movies.
Please note:
  • When recording with the camera over extended periods, the camera may feel slightly warm. This is normal and is not a sign that the camera is defective.
  • The camera also records sound. Please note the following points when recording movies:
    • Ensure that you do not cover the microphone with your fingers etc.
    • Good results cannot be achieved if the camera is positioned too far from the source of the sound to be recorded.
    • If you press buttons on the camera during recording, the sound of the button being pressed may also be recorded.
  • When recording an extremely bright movie, a vertical strip may appear in the recording on the colour display. This is not a fault. The strip is not visible on snapshots, but can be seen when recording movies.
  • When using certain memory cards it can take longer to record movies, causing individual images to be missing. This is shown when [Fig. camera] and [rec] flash on the colour display. To prevent this from happening we recommend using a memory card with a maximum transmission speed of at least 10 MB per second.
  • Zooming while recording a movie is only possible via the digital zoom. As the optical zoom is not available when recording a movie, please apply the appropriate settings before starting the recording via .
  • There is a particular danger of the image being influenced by camera movements during close-up shots and at high zoom settings. We therefore recommend using a tripod in these cases.
  • During movie recordings, Autofocus and Macrofocus are set to Fixed focus.

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