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Multi Frame SR Zoom — capture every detail

The Multi Frame SR Zoom works extremely fast and combines image information from several shots into a single sharp, clear photo — a real advantage for zoomed-in shots in particular. Thanks to the innovative super resolution technology and CS function, the optical zoom range can even be doubled. This means, for example, that the zoom range on the EX-ZR100 can be increased from 12.5x optical zoom to 25x zoom. Look more closely; from now on you won't miss a single detail!

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And this is how you use Multi Frame SR Zoom (using the EX-ZR10 as an example):

In picture mode, press (CS).
Select "Multi SR Zoom" and then press [SET].
Press the shutter release button to take the photo.
  • Once you have pressed the shutter release button, the message "In progress... Please wait..." appears on the colour display to indicate that the photo is being taken. Hold the camera steady while this message is displayed. A certain amount of time will elapse between the message being displayed and the capturing process being completed. Image recording is deactivated while the message is displayed.

Please note
  • The Multi Frame SR Zoom function is particularly effective when you want to capture finely structured texts.
  • The current "Zoom (SR)" setting is ignored when using this function.
  • When using BEST SHOT mode, the flash setting automatically changes to (Flash off).
  • In comparison to a normal photo, the area of the image is reduced when using BEST SHOT mode.
  • If the camera or subject moves while the photo is being taken, it may not be possible to achieve the desired Multi SR Zoom effect.
  • Depending on the shooting conditions and the image composition, BEST SHOT mode may not produce the desired result.


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