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Panorama function

Magnificent Alpine panoramas, varied group photos or a thrilling cityscape - with the Panorama function, you can take several shots and combine them to form a single panoramic image. Simply press the shutter button, pan your EXILIM camera all around and the camera compiles a 360-degree panoramic image from the shots. Even when the camera pans, moving objects and faces are recognised and the images adapted such that distortions and blurring are kept to a minimum.
  • The final panoramic image can be produced in one of two sizes:
    Slide direction is Right or Left: 5.5 M (7680 x 720 pixels)
    Slide direction is Up or Down: 5.5 M (1280 x 4320 pixels)
  • Zoom operation is not supported when shooting in Panorama mode. The Zoom setting is fixed at the maximum wide angle.
  • Using the Panorama function, you can shoot horizontal images up to approx. 360 degrees and vertical images up to approx. 180 degrees.
  • When shooting a horizontal panoramic image that is less than 360 degrees, you can select image sizes at 60, 120, 180, 240 or 300 degrees.

The Panorama function is available on the following models: EX-H20G, EX-ZR10

Using the Panorama function

Press [BS] and then select Slide Panorama mode.
Press [Set] and select the top option in the control panel using and (Slide Direction).
Use and to select the direction you are planning to move the camera while shooting, and then press [SET].
You can select one of four directions: Right, Left, Up or Down.
Point the camera at the start of the panorama and half press the shutter button to allow the camera to focus automatically.
Press the shutter the rest of the way down and a slide cursor appears on the colour display. Slowly move the camera in the direction indicated by the arrow until the cursor reaches the other end of its movement range (i.e. all the way to the right when moving the camera to the right).
  • The camera will start composing the panoramic image internally when the slide cursor reaches the other end of its movement range.
  • The composition of the image starts automatically if you stop moving the camera during panoramic shooting. After you stop moving the camera, the message "Busy.... Please wait...." appears as the camera processes the image. Wait until this message disappears before continuing to use the camera. Image shooting is disabled while the message is displayed.

Please note
  • The following conditions are not compatible with Slide Panorama shooting:
    - Subject whose brightness is very different to that of its surroundings due to artificial light, sunlight etc.
    - Rivers, waves, waterfalls and other subjects with constantly changing patterns
    - Sky, beaches and other subjects with continuous patterns
    - Camera too close to the main subject
    - Moving subjects
  • In the following cases, Slide Panorama may be prematurely aborted:
    - Subject or camera movement
    - Camera moved too quickly or too slowly
  • Shooting a Slide Panorama image after half pressing the shutter button to perform Auto Focus may not produce the desired results if there are considerable differences in the brightness, colour and/or focus of the individual images. In this case, change the focus position by focusing on a different subject.
  • As a Slide Panorama image is created by joining several images together, there may be some imperfections at the point where the images are joined.
  • Shooting under a flickering light source (such as fluorescent lighting) may result in uneven brightness and/or colouring in the final panoramic image.
  • Shooting in a dark environment may result in a blurred image or make it impossible to shoot in Slide Panorama mode.
  • Slowly move the camera at a constant speed in the direction of the arrow that appears on the colour display.
  • When moving the camera, try to keep the arrow on the colour display as straight as possible.
  • When shooting in Slide Panorama mode, the exposure and white balance are fixed at the values measured when you half-pressed the shutter button on commencing shooting.
  • An error message appears if the camera is unable to successfully record a series of images.
  • When shooting a moving subject, the camera may not be able to compose the panoramic image properly.
  • When using BEST SHOT mode, the flash setting automatically changes to (Flash Off).

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