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No one can predict when a goal will be scored during a football match. And there are many other funny, exciting or unique moments which cannot be planned and happen spontaneously in the heat of the moment. And with the BEST SHOT mode "Past Movie" that is no longer a problem. Now you can film the past!. If you press the Movie Button too late, the last 5 seconds have already been recorded! The camera records constantly in this mode - and the last 5 seconds are added to the current movie when the Movie Button is pressed.


Set up the camera for film recording with "Past Movie"

Press [BS] in record mode.
Press , , and to select the scene"Preliminary recording (movie)" and press [SET].
appears in the colour display.
Recording a film with "Past Movie"

Press while pointing the camera at the scene to be recorded.
Five seconds of the preliminary recording are saved in the buffer memory and the real time movie is started.
Press to stop the recording.
Press [BS] and select (automatic) to switch off the preliminary movie function.
•  The following BEST SHOT scenes are not available when recording a film: Self portrait, passport photo, business card and documents and whiteboard.
•  The camera also records sounds. Please note the following points when recording a movie:
  • Ensure that you do not cover the microphone with your fingers etc.
  • Good results cannot be achieved if the camera is positioned too far from the source of the sound to be recorded.
  • If you press buttons on the camera during recording, the sound of the button being pressed may also be recorded.
•  The voice recording mode is not available while the movie is being recorded.
•  Only the digital zoom can be used to zoom when the movie is being recorded. As the optical zoom is not available when recording a movie, please apply the appropriate settings before starting the recording via .
•  There is a particular danger of the image being influenced by camera movements during close-up shots and at high zoom settings. We therefore recommend using a tripod in these cases.
•  During movie recordings, Autofocus and Macrofocus are set to Fixed focus.

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