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Setting the image size

EXILIM digital cameras give you a choice of several image sizes for taking your photos. The image size determines the number of dots (pixels) the camera uses to capture the picture. The bigger the image (or the more pixels the image has), the higher its resolution and the more detailed it will be.

As high resolution images contain more pixels than images taken at a lower resolution, you also need more memory on your memory card. Generally speaking, you need fewer pixels if an image (L format) is only going to be printed by a printing service, sent as an email attachment or viewed on a computer.

The pixel number tells you how many pixels are contained in an image and is expressed in terms of horizontal pixels x vertical pixels.
8 M image size (3264 x 2448) = approx. 8 million pixels

VGA image size (640 x 480) = approx. 300,000 pixels
*Unit: pixel

Tips for selecting image size

Remember: Larger images take up more memory space as they have a greater number of pixels.

Large number of pixels More detailed but the image takes up more memory space. A good option if you want to print images in a large format (e.g. A3).
Small number of pixels Less detailed but the image also takes up less memory space. A good option if you want to send images by email, for example.


Press [SET] in picture mode.
Select the top option in the control panel using and .
Select an image size using and and then press [SET].

The table below shows the sizes in which high quality images can be printed.

Image size (pixels) Recommended print format and application Description
12 M (4000 x 3000) Poster Good resolution for clear images, even when cropped from the original.
3:2 (4000 x 2656) Poster
16:9 (4000 x 2240) HDTV
8 M (3264 x 2448) A3 print Good resolution detail
5 M (2560 x 1920) A4 print
3 M (2048 x 1536) 3.5" x 5" print A good option if saving memory space is more important than image quality.
VGA (640 X 480) E-Mail The image files are smaller, making them easier to send as an email attachment, but the images are therefore grainier.
  • The default factory setting for image size is "12 M"
  • By selecting "3:2", images are taken with an aspect ratio of 3:2, which is the standard aspect ratio for photo paper.
  • The abbreviation "HDTV" stands for "High Definition Television". HDTV screens have an aspect ratio of 16:9 which makes them wider than conventional television screens with the customary aspect ratio of 4:3. EXILIM cameras can take pictures compatible with the aspect ratio of an HDTV screen.
  • The print paper formats given here are intended only as a guide (200 dpi print resolution).

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