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Premium Auto mode

Perfectly equipped for every situation: when using Premium Auto mode, the camera automatically recognises typical subject scenarios and adjusts the settings accordingly. Depending on the shooting conditions, BEST SHOT motif programs such as night shot without tripod, make-up mode, landscape mode or intelligent AF are activated. This ensures that movements, shaking, backlight and even people's faces are automatically detected and perfectly focused and exposed.

Some EXILIM cameras feature a separate Premium Auto mode button that allows you to activate or deactivate the function quickly.

Feature available with the following models: EX-Z2000, EX-H15

Select Premium Auto mode

Switch the camera on with the (REC) button.
Use [AUTO] to select Automatic mode.
Press [Auto] again to switch from Automatic to Premium Auto mode .
  • Selecting Premium Auto BEST SHOT mode will change the current Automatic mode accordingly.

Taking a snapshot

Point the camera at the subject.
If you are using Premium Auto mode, text will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the colour display describing the type of shot the camera has detected.
  • You can zoom in, if you wish.
Press the release button down half way to focus the image.
Once the image is in focus, the camera will beep, the back lamp will turn green and the focus frame will turn green.

Press half-way

When the release button is pressed half way, the camera automatically adjusts the exposure and ensures that the subject is in focus. Mastering how much pressure is required for a half-press and a full-press of the release button is an important technique for good photos.
Continue holding the camera still and press the release button.
The image is captured.
  • If the picture is not in focus...
    If the focus frame remains red and the back lamp flashes green, it means the image is not in focus (i.e. because the subject is too close). Point the camera back at the subject and try to focus the picture again.
Shooting with Premium Auto
When using Premium Auto mode, the camera automatically determines whether you are taking a photo of a person or scenery, as well as a range of other conditions. Premium Auto mode delivers a higher image quality than standard exposures.

•  Premium Auto mode takes longer to process image data after it is shot than Automatic mode.
•  It also requires more power (and runs down the battery quicker) than Automatic mode.
•  In addition to the shutter speed, aperture and ISO sensitivity settings, the following process can also be completed automatically when taking a photo using Premium Auto mode:
  • Autofocus is performed as normal until you half-press the release button
  • Intelligent AF
  • Face recognition
  • Make-up/landscape modes
•  Taking a photo using Premium Auto mode can cause vibration and noise to occur due to lens operation. This is not a fault.
•  When using Premium Auto mode, the message "Processing Premium Auto. Please wait..." may appear on the colour display. If you feel the camera is taking too long to process data, try taking the photo using the standard Automatic mode instead.
•  In some cases, Premium Auto mode may not be able to interpret the shooting conditions correctly. If this happens, shoot in standard Automatic mode.

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