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Restoring an Old Photograph
You can use the procedure in this section to restore an old, faded photograph with the color provided by modern digital camera technology.

Before trying to restore an old photograph:
• Make sure the entire photograph you are trying to restore is enclosed within the monitor screen.
• Make sure the old photograph is against a background that allows its outline to stand out.
• Make sure that light is not reflecting off the surface of the original photograph.
• If the old photograph is portrait orientation, be sure to compose the image with the camera in landscape (horizontal) orientation.

• When the camera is at an angle to the old photograph, one side of the recorded image may appear longer than the side opposite from it. This is called “keystoning,” which is caused by the difference in distance from the camera lens to each side of the photograph. The side of the photograph that is closer to the camera looks longer and the side further from the camera looks shorter. Auto keystone correction corrects for this distortion, which means that a photograph appears normal even if you record it at an angle.


In the REC mode, press [BS] (BEST SHOT).
Use , , and to select “Old Photo”, and then press [SET].
Press the shutter button to record the image.
• This displays a photograph contour confirmation screen, and then saves the original recorded image. An error message will appear, without displaying the photograph contour confirmation screen, if the camera is unable to find the contour of the photograph.
Use and to select the contour candidate you want to correct.
Use and to select "Trimming", and then press [SET].
• This displays a cropping boundary on the monitor screen.
• If you do not want to crop the image, select “Cancel” to store the image.
Use the zoom button to make the cropping boundary larger or smaller.
Use , , and to move the cropping boundary to the location you want, and then press [SET].
• The camera will restore color automatically and save the image.
• If you do not want a border around the image, configure the cropping boundary so it is slightly inside of the boundary of the displayed image.
• To cancel the cropping operation at any point and save the image as-is, press [MENU].
•  Digital zoom is disabled while recording an old photograph. However, you can use optical zoom.
•  The camera will not be able to recognize an old photograph in the following cases.
- When part of the photograph extends outside of the monitor screen
- When the old photograph is the same color as the background it is placed upon
•  The maximum size when recording an old photograph is 1600 × 1200 pixels, even if the camera is configured for a larger image size. When the camera is configured to record images smaller than 1600 × 1200 pixels, images will be in accordance with the currently specified image size.

EXILIM models with Revive Shot: EX-S600
EXILIM models with Revive Shot and correction of the keystone effect: EX-Z600

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