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Serial photos: Use it at sporting events or for photos of groups, children and animals so you can always capture the right moment. The practical serial shot function means you simply press and hold the button and take several photos* one after the other - and then pick the best individual shots.

*The number of photos depends on the camera model in question and the memory card used.


Press recording mode [MENU].
Select "Serial photo" in the "Picture" register and then press .
Then use and to select the required mode and press [SET]. This activates the serial mode and the relevant symbol is shown in the display.
Now press the shutter release. With the standard serial and shot and the rapid serial shot, the camera takes continuous pictures for as long as you hold the shutter release down. The serial shot function stops when you release the shutter release.
To switch off the serial shot function, select "Off" in the "Serial shot" register.
Safety measures for serial shot function
•  Starting the serial shot function automatically fixes the lighting and focus settings based on the values for the first picture. The same settings are then used for all the subsequent pictures.
•  The serial shot function cannot be used in combination with any of the following functions:
  • Specific BEST SHOT scenes (Layout, Auto Framing, business cards and documents, Whiteboard etc., old photo, speech recording)
  • Movie mode
  • "Track" selected for "AF area"
•  When using a serial shot function, hold the camera still until all the pictures have been taken.
•  The serial shot function may break off prematurely if the remaining memory capacity is no longer sufficient.
•  The frame rate speed of the serial shot function depends on the current settings for picture size and picture quality.
•  The desired flash light mode can be selected for the standard serial shot mode.
•  The flash light mode is automatically switched off for the rapid serial shot.
•  The flash light mode is automatically switched on for the flash light serial shot mode.
•  The delayed action shutter release cannot be used in conjunction with the standard or rapid serial shot mode.
•  The 3x delayed action shutter release can only be used in conjunction with the zoom serial shot function mode.
•  Please note that pictures that are taken with the rapid serial shot mode have a slightly lower resolution and are more prone to digital noise than pictures that are taken with the standard serial shot function mode.
•  The "Automatic" setting is always used for the ISO sensitivity in the rapid serial shot mode and the flash light serial shot function mode, even if the ISO sensitivity is currently set differently.
•  The flash light range in the flash light serial shot mode is shorter than normal.

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