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Every detail counts: to show off the best part of a photo, just use the handy trimming function to select any part of the image, then enlarge and crop this and save it as a separate photo. This allows you to select a specific section of a photo, such as a person's face, and print this out as a separate photo - all without the need for a computer.


Once you are in PLAY mode, use the and buttons to scroll through the photos and open the image you wish to trim.
Press [MENU].
Go to the "PLAY" tab and select "Trimming". Then press .
•  You will only be able to do this if a photo is displayed in the colour display.
Use the zoom control to enlarge the photo to the required size and then move the enlarged section to the area you wish to crop using the , , and buttons.
Now press [SET] to crop the selected section and save as a separate file.
•  If you wish to cancel this process at any time, just press [MENU].
•  If you trim a photo with an aspect ratio of 3:2 or 16:9, the resulting photo will have an aspect ratio of 4:3.
•  The creation date of the trimmed photo is the same as the creation date of the original photo.
•  Photos can only be trimmed if there is enough memory available to save the trimmed photo.

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